Greater The Facebook Spying, Greater The Heartbreak

Greater The Facebook Spying, Greater The Heartbreak.

Social media such as Facebook became ubiquitous in American society. Especially with the rise of smartphones, we are surrounded by constant news feed and status updates. For many years, people regarded finding romance online was not real and embarrassing. However, now it is becoming more common. The journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that 35% of married couple started their relationship online ( Now social media affects the romantic relationship from the beginning to the end.

Some argue using Facebook to surveillance ex would delay one’s ability to recover from the break up. In the Can Facebook Prolong Post-Beakup Pain article, the author Alan Mozes argues that stalking on ex partner delay emotion recovery and prolong post break-up pain ( He points out that stalking on ex on the Facebook correlates with current suffering after breakup. Additionally, Mozes argues that more and more people are using Facebook to surveillance their previous partner. He refers to study done in University of Western Ontario that reported that 88 percent of surveyed individual indicated that they used Facebook to monitor their previous partners. The study indicates people who  kept checking ex partner’s Facebook reported that they were stressed out because they were confronting without enough information ( Additionally in Facebook Post-Breakup: Bad For Your Heart? article, the author uses the journal Cyber psychology Behavior and Social Networking which indicates that one third of 900 million Facebook users are using Facebook to surveillance their ex-partners ( This study also supports the argument that monitoring ex partner delays emotional recovery after breakup.

Others argue that this doesn’t necessarily prove using Facebook to monitor your ex partner leads to delayed emotional recovery. Jennifer Harman, assistant professor of applied social psychology at Colorado State University, argues that the people who are stalking their ex partner on Facebook are more emotionally distressed in the fist place ( Jennifer Hall, professor of communication at University of Kansas, supports this argument and states stalking ex partner on Facebook is neither better nor worse than  any other methods of dealing with post-breakup distress.

In my perspective, I do not believe there is any better or worse ways of recovering from heartbreak. I believe taking time and understanding what went wrong in relationship would help one to recover and grow. I do not think stalking ex partner’s Facebook is necessarily bad. It could help one to comprehend what went wrong in relationship and why it did not work out. With time, it would eventually heal.



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