Online dating websites have quickly become a hot source of connections between people all over the world. In a recent research, statistics reveal that people have tried online dating at least once in their lifetime. While the use of online dating sites through social media might enables one to easily meet new people and experience something new and thrilling in their lives, not every relationship that came out of these sites end up in a happily ever after.

Catfishing” which is a term that describes a person who publicize false personal information, in order to intentionally draw someone’s interest towards you. As absurd as this may sound, catfishing is a lot more prominent than we can imagine, enough so that an entire TV show had been produced out of it. Insane, isn’t it? Each episode describes a story of a victim who had fallen deeply in love with someone they had just met over the Internet. One episode tells the story of a victim who was thought to have been in a loving relationship with a young, beautiful lady when in fact, turned out to be an overweight, middle-aged wife and mother.

On top of the mental and emotional harm there is to online dating, there are people so consumed by this idea of building relationships that are pursued over the internet that there are people willing to provide thousands and thousands of dollars for someone they only know through a screen. One woman, who had quickly been tied into a romantic relationship with a man under a false name, had given away up to $150,000 in just four short months.

Try typing in the Google search bar, and there you’ll see options that say “online dating sites that _____” or “actually works” or “do background checks”. Personally, I would prefer a physical connection rather than an internet connection. However, knowing that apps like these were created simply for community building and healthy relationships to be made, I can see that everybody has their reasons for these usages, whether it is due to loneliness or the time is ticking for marriage. I would encourage one to take extra precautions of the red flags.

Nevertheless, the resources are out there, free and open to the public. Who knows, maybe the satisfying marriage you’d dreamed of becomes yours with today’s technology.


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