Did Facebook create jealousy in your romantic relationship?

Did Facebook create jealousy in your romantic relationship?

Before Facebook became ubiquitous, my romantic relationship was much “simpler.” When I had conflict with my girlfriend, it was more of a fact-based conflict. But as Facebook and other social websites became popular, it changed the nature of romantic relationship.

In the Does Facebook Bring Out the Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy? article, the author Doctor Desmarais examines if the use of Facebook creates jealousy in romantic relationships. Based on the study case of three hundred eight undergraduate students, Doctor Desmarais argues that “Facebook loop,” which is created by ambiguous information about partner’s activity on Facebook, generates infinite jealousy loop in romantic relationship. Using Facebook, it is easy to observe other people’s social interactions. However, it may not present the whole picture. It could be part of the conversation and it can be misleading without further information. Using Facebook, one could easily observe one’s significant other’s social interactions. However, not having enough information, it might lead to jealousy. In this article, Doctor Desmarais argues that the montioring one’s partner on Facebook is correlated with Facebook-related jealousy.

Not everyone responds the same way to feeling jealous. In Creeping or just information seeking article, the author Amy Muise analyzed gender differences in response to feeling jealous. In her study, she creates experiment to see how different genders react differently to feeling jealous. The study concludes that women are more likely to spend more time monitoring their partner on Facebook when they feel jealous. Furthermore, she argues that the more time one monitors on Facebook, more jealous one becomes. She argues that the “anxious attachment” is what promotes “spying” one’s partner on Facebook.

Both of these studies showed that using Facebook to monitor one’s partner eventually leads one to “Facebook loop” that keeps creating jealousy. Sharing information about oneself is important part of relationship. However, Facebook often tries to ask like a “fast lane” for knowing more about others in short time and I believe it is not working. One’s activity on Facebook might be interpreted differently with the lack of information. My girlfriend and I decided to deactivate our Facebook accountes last year so we can lean about each other in human level. Since then, I didn’t have to face any “Facebook jealousy” from my girlfriend and I couln’t be happier.



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