How Online Dating Affects the Outcome of Romantic Relationships; Will They Thrive Or Will They Crumble?

When social interaction and communication were introduced onto the Internet, as was also the concept of meeting your new romantic partner through a screen. The ultimate goal of online dating is to find your perfect match. However, online dating is a very peculiar process that makes people wonder whether it works for those seeking long-term relationships.

One of the major aspects of online dating is providing an image of yourself for your personal profile. When people view your profile the first thing they may notice is your physical appearance. This can easily influence their level of attraction towards you and it affects whether or not they decide to show any interest in you.

One of the most popular dating platforms to meet people, which is mainly used by the younger generation, is the application called Tinder. When presented with an image of someone, an individual can easily swipe left or right to declare whether or not they are interested in this person. Apps that push an emphasis on physical looks are successful in setting up “hook ups” as opposed to long-lasting relationships. As shallow as it might seem, majority of the dates that apps like Tinder help to set up are actually just meet ups that allow people to satisfy their physical attraction through instant pleasure and gratification, otherwise known as sex. The problem with apps like Tinder is that they reinforce the idea that looks are more important than personal qualities or characteristics, although those are the kinds of things that matter most in the long run.

If users of dating sites don’t like how you look in your picture then they won’t even try to build a relationship with you – it’s as simple as that. With online dating there is too much emphasis on physical attraction than that of emotional. In addition, couples who meet online are more likely to break up or get a divorce compared to couples who meet traditionally (in person). One reason for this is that due to the endless scrolling and swiping of profiles that are presented, online dating platforms put users in the mindset that they always have another opportunity to meet someone else, perhaps someone with better qualities.

So, as much as instant physical gratification and innumerable options for partners are nice to have, nothing beats the success that traditional “in person” meeting and dating leads to when it comes to romantic relationships.

L. Macalalad


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