Intensity of Facebook use: self-satisfaction and self-disclosure

We build strong bond and romantic relationship with people on Facebook every day. I mean, almost every day. But, have you thought about why you would like to use Facebook and wondered if there is anything affects your decision on using Facebook? The research has found that self-satisfaction and self-disclosure are two main factors which will affect users’ intensity of Facebook use positively and negatively. It is quite interesting to discover how human’s inner world works to have such big effect on our communication of romantic relationship with others on Facebook.

The first article wrote by Reynol Junco argues that people with more self-satisfaction tend to use Facebook more and “perform” well when communicating with friends on Facebook, especially with someone in romantic relationship. I believe it is true because as for me, I only speak and chat openly and freely when I feel confident. Confidence somehow in my opinion is the product of self-satisfaction. For instance, I have some friends who recently just found their first job after graduated. They suddenly became another kind of people who were extremely confident to face new challenges and new life, and they shared their happiness with me on Facebook immediately. Some people say that they are showing off, but I think the reason why they “performed” like that on Facebook is because they feel satisfied to themselves, to their working abilities. For those days after they got their jobs, I could see their posts about happiness and excitement on Facebook every day, every moment. Obviously, self-satisfaction increases their intensity of Facebook use.

In contrast, the article about self-disclosure and its relationship with Facebook using wrote by Whitney and Kirsten gives us a totally opposite view of how our inner world affects our decision on Facebook using. It argues that users with self-disclosure do not use Facebook to communicate much. These users keep them silent and cut off the connection with the outside world due to their mental problem. For example, users who have self-disclosure may suspend their account and stop using Facebook anymore. Stop using Facebook and any romantic relationship with others maybe is their way to protect themselves from being bothered by people around them.

We see Facebook is not only a bridge connecting users’ inner worlds with outside worlds, but it is also the medium to reflect people’s themselves.


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